The world of entrepreneurship can be a tad lonely at times.

I am NOT a coach and definitely not a Therapist. Consider me the "buddy" you want to have coffee with so you can either vent about the frustrations of your business or pitch ideas to just to see how the sound outside of your head and to someone else.

Introducing your new found "Bounce Buddy!"  For one hour, let me be that listening ear.  I have had clients across all industries so I know what questions to ask to make you think, some solutions that similar individuals have used, and resources/recommendations that may help you along your journey.  Most of all, I have two nonjudgmental ears that are ready to listen to your passions, dreams, ideas and provide encouragement.
Sometimes you just want to be heard. 
You think better when you "bounce" your ideas off someone and, when needed, receive unbiased feedback. 
Maybe those around you are so discouraging that you are ready to quit when in actuality, your ideas are brilliant - you just need someone who understands what you were going through to support you. Who can see your blind spots.
YES! Be My Buddy!
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